Tokyo was certified as a city with the most record shops in the world

As a result of investigating the number of record shops in the world by sister site Vinyl Hub of database site Discogs such as records, Tokyo was recognized as the world with the most record shop.

According to the study of Discogs, the world with the most record shops is 1482 stores in the USA, followed by 537 stores in the UK, 3rd place to 453 stores in Germany, the European countries are occupied to the fourth place France.

Japan has 158 stores in the eighth place by country, 93 stores occupying more than half of it are concentrated in Tokyo, and it is ranked first in the world by city. There are 87 shops in Berlin in second place and 79 shops in London in London. Berlin in second place is concentrated in 46 kilometers of them in 1 kilometer square. By country, the United States was ranked 6th in the United States and NY ranked in 47 stores, which means that record shops are scattered throughout the country.

In terms of population ratio, Japan has a smaller number of record shops, but the level of fulfillment in Tokyo’s record shops is understood to be unequal levels in the world. Based on the results of this survey, will more and more diggers come to Tokyo?


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