Fast Company “The world’s most innovative enterprise” announced Spotify, Dubset, Big Machine, Major Lazer selected in the music department

Fast Company announced the 2018 edition “The world’s most innovative company” ranking, and the music business division was also announced.


The 2018 World’s Most Innovative Companies (Fast Company)

The music list of Fast Company is as follows.

1. Spotify
2. Dubset
3. Big Machine Label Group
4. Major Lazer
5. Smule
6. B-Reel
7. Atlantic Records
8. Kobalt
9. Vinyl Me, Please
10. Fender

Spotify was chosen for two factors. The first is the presence of Troy Carter, who assumed office as creator service in 2016. The second is the value of playlists personalized based on data such as Discover Weekly, Fresh Finds, Release Radar etc.

As for the connection, it is because the data linkage between the playlist and the new artist is linked with success.

Spotify updates many playlists every week. Especially, on every Monday, Discover Weekly, a playlist that analyzes music viewing data for each user and automatically compiles 30 recommended songs, distributed over 5 billion songs in just one year. This is an undisclosed playlist in Japan.

It is said that music of more than 8000 artists are heard for the first time in this Discover Weekly and this result is a service for artists made by Troy Carter and a system that connects music fans and artists with a playlist linked with data It is proving that it is functioning. Spotify is a music streaming service and at the same time there is a growing awareness that innovation in the music market is a big data company.

Dubset develops a technology to analyze copyrights of used songs from digital contents to be released on the Internet and streaming services such as DJ mix and remix, services that distribute profits with the right holder of the original song and DJ and remixer We are offering.

Dubset ‘s service “MixBANK” can recognize songs from more than 30,000 labels, has a partnership with Apple Music, Spotify, Sony Music, a mechanism for revenue sharing that DJs and creators can monetize with mixes and remixes, I succeeded in simplifying the copyright problem with technology.

The Big Machine Label Group should be familiar only in part in Japan. It is a country group’s label group to which Taylor Swift belongs. They have made a few successful cases with “Strategies not delivered by music streaming”.

Major Lazer is not a company. Electronic music trio consisting of producer · DJ’s Diplo, Jillionaire, Walshy Fire trio. In 2017, while Featuring Travis Scott, Migos’ Quavo, Camilla Cavelo in ‘Know No Better’, the music video made a hit to earn 25 million playbacks in 24 hours, while live nation and Hulu He has appeared in the VR documentary series “On Stage” and continues to challenge.

Smule continues to develop applications that allow anyone to easily enjoy music, such as the karaoke video application “Sing!” Or the piano application “Magic Piano”. “Sing!” Was a pioneer even in the rise of recent “lip sync” movie culture.

Keep contact points between artists and fans
What is common in this top ten are two companies and projects born after 2000, and that they are fusing activities that support artists and creators in all ways with technology .

Spotify, Major Lazer and Smule all started in 2008.

Dubset and Vinyl Me, Please have a big impact on the music market in 2012, Big Machine 2005, B-Reel 1999, Kobalt 2000, every 10 to 15 years from the start .

Exception is a fender of founder founded in 1946 and a long-established instrument maker and label called Atlantic Records, founded in 1947. But Atlantic Records last year made a hit with Ed Sea Ran, Cardi B, Lil Uzi Vert, Fender launched “Fender Play” fixed-rate lesson video service, guitar lessons on-line, to develop new consumers I am concentrating.

Manufacturers that have founded more than 50 years now still cause “innovation” and their management skills recognized from the industry can only be described as superb.

And Spotify, Dubset, Big Machine, B-Reel, Atlantic Records, Kobalt, creators who make music content, cherish the points of contact with their fans, utilize data and technology to introduce works and mechanisms Then I update it. Smule, fender, Vinyl Me, Please are interested in music culture, constantly contact and develop applications and services to make it daily.

Companies that only sell “music” are not innovative anymore, companies and industry feel that they are innovating whether to create services for creators and cultures and to innovate the ecosystem of the music market I will.

The most innovative company Apple
The ranking that Fast Company publishes every year is that editors and more than 36 writers surveyed thousands of companies and divided into 36 industry categories to leave the impact on this year’s most innovative companies and industry and society It is a ranked list of innovators.

The top ten was as follows.

1. Apple
2. Netflix
3. Square
4. Tencent
5. Amazon
6. Patagonia
7. CVS Health
8. Washington Post
9. Spotify
10. NBA

Fast Company publishes a list of “innovative companies” in various industries. If you are interested please click here.

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