Change to MixCloud subscription model ~ Agreement with Warner Music ~

Personally, I usually use it together with SoundCloud normally, but it seems that MixCloud contracts with Warner Music and changes to a subscription model.


Unlike streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, AWA, etc., it is very interesting to see how MixCloud develops flat-rate service, focusing on DJ mixes and mix tapes and so forth.

Nico Perez (Nico Perez) is planning to deploy MixCloud so that it can be offered as “a flat-rate service that can distribute revenue to content creators, program producers, DJs”, but to the royalty problem of the music industry I also want you to contribute.



I believe that the flow of free content is not limited to music, but I believe that the role of “curator” has become more important as well (books, movies, etc.).

As DJ distributing many podcasts on MixCloud is doing a select that moves users’ mind, not only a simple “personalized recommendation” service but also a curator can be active, the platform is getting more exciting I expect it to give.

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